Monday, January 18, 2010

Another day off?

Well, I was off work today but I had plenty to do. This morning I made my grand daughter a Dora pillow and a small little "security blanket" with the left over fabric. I found the fabric at a Walmart yesterday while hubby priced flat screen t.v.'s (scary)
I'm still working on piecing a quilt for my sister but I havn't touched my falling leaves quilt today.
Although it was a beautiful sunny day, I kept myself hidden in my sewing room. It was too much fun. Hope some of you also enjoyed a nice quiet day off too! Need to get back to those pesky
projects! (hee hee)


  1. Cute!! Sometimes its nice to have a smaller project to whip up. I'm sure she'll love it!

    My hubby has a big TV too. Best of luck to you! :) Christine

  2. Little Granddaughter will love the cute pillow and little blankie.
    Can you believe I've put up with a remote problem on my bedside TV since before Christmas? I finally called DISH today, and it took all of five minutes (maybe) for the nice guy to get me straightened out! So tonight I can go to sleep with the TV on! Such joy!!! *wink* ---"Love"

  3. So cute your grandaughter will like that. I'm still working on the wal mart quilt of the month pattern called garden twist. Glad you had a good day in your sewing room. I can be tired from working and go in my sewing room and it can relax doing what I like to do SEWING!

  4. Very cute. I'm sure it will be well-loved! And a little security blanket is never a bad thing. Glad you enjoyed your day off...I seem to get more done on the days I don't have off because I keep telling myself I have plenty of time!

  5. The Dora pillow and blankie are so cute and I know your granddaughter will love them. The price of the big screen TV's is scary, but I enjoy going to other peoples homes and watching theirs!


  6. Very sweet Nancy! Just right for snuggling. I much rather buy a long arm quilter than a tv but then that's just me! Ann :-)