Friday, February 5, 2010


Hello everyone and happy February! only forty some days until spring...........yes, I'm counting.......why? .........because we are having yet another storm. (I think this one is #3?) Well, it's great quilting weather, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the power dosn't go out.
For those of you who follow bunny hill designs don't forget their bom for february, it's too cute! And it's free. Several of their bom are wonderful, you should check them out if you havn't already.
I also have a new quilt book thats all about sugar sack fabric, (or flour sacks) it's a hoot! I have really enjoy learning about how it began, how to identify it and the book even has patterns that are soooooo vintage looking. Can you guess what I'm on the lookout for? If I get brave enough to try a flour sack design you will be one of the first to know.
I did find a quilt at an estate sale this summer for only $10.00. It was indeed a flour sack quilt. (smile) I didn't know if it was original or not until I purchased this book.
Hope your enjoying better weather where you are.....spring isn't too far away here in snowville!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Storm

Well, didn't get to that stack and whack class, it was cancelled due to inclimate weather :( This weekend we are expecting another storm with 6-8 inches predicted. Don't mind being indoors but I do miss the sunshine! Completed my falling leaves quilt but my camera hasn't wanted to agree with me this week. Perhaps it's got cabin fever? Oh well I wanted to post a picture so I'm going to try again. Here goes...
This was my first quilt that I tried stipple. I was pleased with it for my first one, but now that I've done it I know I can improve my stiches. I'm working on another quilt for my baby sister. It is from a book called a farmers wife. It's about a magazine that ran an article to farm women back in the day about whether or not they would want their daughter to marry a farmer. The response was unbelieveable. The book reveiled some of the letters to the magazine with quilt blocks that inspired some of the stories. Hope I can get it done before her next birthday :)
Now that I have the picture thing working I just need to figure out how to read posts from other quilters. Wish me luck! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quilt Class

Whew! My day got off to a shaky start, overslept,forgot my phone, foggy,rainy,yucky,but it did get better!
Beginning Monday, I start a quilt class! Mom's going too! The girl is going to teach us stack and whack! This method produces killidescope (sp?) blocks for a quilt. I've never done it but I've seen them and they are beautiful. I love to quilt and I love to learn something new. But, I must confess,I'm doing this more for my mom than me. Since my dad died, mom is kinda lost and needs some "friends" her age to get together with. She loves to sew and use to quilt too! I'm excited about the class but, really excited that my mom is going to get out and meet some new people and try something new. And quilters are the best kind of friends, right?
I'm really looking forward to it. Mom and I are going to my friends shop, (Jo Ann's, she makes be buy fabric) to get her a rotary cutter,cutting mat,a ruler and some fabric for the class. That will get her motivated!
I'll keep you informed. Hope you all had a productive Wednesday and didn't oversleep!
P.S. I forgot the best part, the class is FREE!!!!! WHOOOHOOOO! I can afford that!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Another day off?

Well, I was off work today but I had plenty to do. This morning I made my grand daughter a Dora pillow and a small little "security blanket" with the left over fabric. I found the fabric at a Walmart yesterday while hubby priced flat screen t.v.'s (scary)
I'm still working on piecing a quilt for my sister but I havn't touched my falling leaves quilt today.
Although it was a beautiful sunny day, I kept myself hidden in my sewing room. It was too much fun. Hope some of you also enjoyed a nice quiet day off too! Need to get back to those pesky
projects! (hee hee)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Quilty Fever?

Wow! your cookies look wonderful and NO CALORIES.....whooooohooooooo! Christine, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could ALL have a girls night in??? A bus tour???? A shop hop???? Oh my! I sound like a have a bit of quilter's cabin fever? Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Girls night in!

Having my mom,my sister,my daughter and my aunt over for girls night in this evening. We use to do girls night out on Thursday but got tired of eating out so....... tonight we're having homemade bbq and fries! (yum!) Mom's bringing a chocolate pie. hmmmmmm may do dessert first. Trying to get mom back on the quilting wagon. Says she's got too many projects going. (Who doesn't?) Anyway, I've always heard the busyest people can always do one more thing. We'll see. Perhaps a trip to JoAnn's will inspire her! I can always go there!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank you

Thank you and welcome to the girls from apq that stopped by to see me and let me know I'm once again in quilt land! :) Hubby and I spent the afternoon together shopping for our grand daughter. We took her a Dora baloon and a monkey from hallmark that waves his arms and makes monkey sounds. She LOVED it. She said oh dora, and gave the baloon a big kiss. It was three dementional and was as big as she was. It was a hoot! Still snowing here....suppose to see sunshine wed-fri......we'll see!