Friday, February 5, 2010


Hello everyone and happy February! only forty some days until spring...........yes, I'm counting.......why? .........because we are having yet another storm. (I think this one is #3?) Well, it's great quilting weather, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the power dosn't go out.
For those of you who follow bunny hill designs don't forget their bom for february, it's too cute! And it's free. Several of their bom are wonderful, you should check them out if you havn't already.
I also have a new quilt book thats all about sugar sack fabric, (or flour sacks) it's a hoot! I have really enjoy learning about how it began, how to identify it and the book even has patterns that are soooooo vintage looking. Can you guess what I'm on the lookout for? If I get brave enough to try a flour sack design you will be one of the first to know.
I did find a quilt at an estate sale this summer for only $10.00. It was indeed a flour sack quilt. (smile) I didn't know if it was original or not until I purchased this book.
Hope your enjoying better weather where you are.....spring isn't too far away here in snowville!


  1. I think you are getting some of the storms that went through the Southwest this past week. Sorry, but we are in for another one early next week so make sure you are stocked up with everything you need for more snow. More might be coming your way! At least it is good for cuddling under a work in progress and quilting away!

    I love the Bunny Hill patterns. I have mine saved for now but I hope to get busy making the Snowbound quilt before years end!

    My Grandma and my Mom use to have flour sack dish towels. I used them lots when I was a kid. Wish I could find some now, they wouldn't be used to dry dishes!


  2. It started snowing here a couple hours ago. We're only supposed to get 6-10 inches though, not like further south of here.

  3. Marsha is right; get ready for another one next week. It's nice in North Central Texas today and tomorrow, but then next week, both rain and the temp are to come down again! Not good --- except for quilting! I got groceries and quilt backings in the house today so I'll be set for the duration! I'm ready for Spring, maybe even Summer! Ann, I'd be most unhappy with 6-10 inches of snow! Brrrrr--------! ---"Love"

  4. Well, I am reading this at 8:15 AM on Saturday morning. In Philadelphia, we already have 12 inches and the snow has not stopped yet. Got the Bunny Hill design, don't know when I will be able to work on it. Enjoy your flower sack book!

  5. I think you're getting some of the snow my area ususally gets. You can have it! I hope you keep power so you can sew, sew sew, though.

    I recently saw a bit of a book on feedsack quilts and the history and it's got me really intrigued. I think I need a trip to the library...

  6. Are you on the east coast too? We are getting pounded right now outside of Philadelphia. Ugh. More is predicted for Tuesday night.

    I love the bunny hill BOM! I just finished January yesterday (one month late isn't too bad right?) and I'll start Feb soon.

    I'd love to see a pic of your estate quilt! Lucky duck! :) Christine

  7. We had very little snow here in KY, but all around us is getting the snow bad. I have a teddy bear made with sugar sack fabric from an old quilt my mother in law had made, she is now 90 years old and is still pieceing her quilt on her hand also she going to help me. she is going to help me to hand quilt one of my quilt. Have a great week in! STAY WARM!

  8. You must be heartily sick of the cold weather. I'm sure that sunshine is just around the corner. Last year's Bunnyhill free BOM was based on baskets. I didn't quite get it finished but the patterns were still on her website last tiem I checked. Just in case you were interested. Your sugar/flour sack book and quilt sound fab. Any chance of a picture? Stay warm and snug, Ann :-)

  9. I was playing around and found you, lost you when we moved from APQ blog site. Glad I found you!
    Hope by now you are done with the storms.
    Happy quilting!

  10. Finds at estate sales can be wonderful. The price you can get something at really depends on what the people think is actually worth something.
    As for snow feels like summer here. Nice. Hopefully spring will set in soon, and we can all get a break from winter;)
    happy quilting!!