Friday, February 5, 2010


Hello everyone and happy February! only forty some days until spring...........yes, I'm counting.......why? .........because we are having yet another storm. (I think this one is #3?) Well, it's great quilting weather, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the power dosn't go out.
For those of you who follow bunny hill designs don't forget their bom for february, it's too cute! And it's free. Several of their bom are wonderful, you should check them out if you havn't already.
I also have a new quilt book thats all about sugar sack fabric, (or flour sacks) it's a hoot! I have really enjoy learning about how it began, how to identify it and the book even has patterns that are soooooo vintage looking. Can you guess what I'm on the lookout for? If I get brave enough to try a flour sack design you will be one of the first to know.
I did find a quilt at an estate sale this summer for only $10.00. It was indeed a flour sack quilt. (smile) I didn't know if it was original or not until I purchased this book.
Hope your enjoying better weather where you are.....spring isn't too far away here in snowville!